Group synergies


Ferrous and non-ferrous products

We offer a quick and professional service with high quality products

The activity of the technical office, equipped with the most modern 3D CAD / CAM software, takes place in full ...

Realization of functional mechanical prototypes by casting metal, aluminum, cast iron, steel, starting from the 3D model.The elements ...

GO.FA.IT. develops any type of equipment, both temporary and definitive, in wood, resin or metal, suitable for forming the type ...


Group synergies

From concept to series production

Group synergies

GO.FA.IT. since 1988 it operates in the ferrous foundries and light alloys sector.

The experience gained has allowed us to provide customers with excellent products quickly, with modern management techniques and with a qualified team.

Flexibility and sophisticated systems are the main features for the rapid protection of objects made of cast metal, fully functional and made from the 3D model.

GO.FA.IT. it is ISO 9001-2008 certified

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Within GO.FA.IT. only specialized technicians who satisfy every need operate.

New website


Creation of a new website for GO.FA.IT. of Ronco all'Adige, in the province of Verona, in collaboration with the software house DOWEB. ...

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